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Placenta Encapsulation

Postpartum Healing

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The Process

Taking the placenta & steaming or dehydrating it to the point it is able to be turned into powder form. 

From there, the powder can be made into capsules, tinctures, salves, & many 

other forms for consumption, to aid in the postpartum period.

The Benefits

-Can prevent & lessen the risk of postpartum depression

-Replenishes iron through hemoglobin hormone & helps prevent postpartum anemia,

increasing energy & decreasing fatigue/depression

-Contains oxytocin which decreases pain naturally, is produced during breastfeeding 

to increase bonding, counteracts the production of stress hormones, & gives a euphoric feeling

-Provides human placental lactogen (HPL) hormone to stimulate prolactin, which

establishes healthy milk supply & regulates maternal glucose, protein, & fat levels for fetus

-Replenishes estrogen, progesterone, & testosterone which help with

mammary gland development for lactation, stabilizes mood

-Replenishes estrogen, progesterone, & testosterone which help

with mammary gland development for lactation, stabilizes mood

-Contains prostaglandins which act as an inflammatory, regulating 

contractions in the uterus & helping uterus return to size

-Contains cortisone which combats stress & unlocks energy stores

-Replenishes B vitamins & energy used in labor

Placenta Capsule Package 

Choose your preparation method.  

Includes capsules, placenta print, & cord keepsake.


Placenta Print

Capture the unique fingerprint of your placenta on watercolor paper. 

Choose natural or any variety of colors.



A small piece of placenta is fermented in alcohol & turned into liquid form.  Used in times of trauma, transition, emotional distress, menstruation or menopause.  Great for headaches, milk supply, cramps, insomnia, delayed cycle, muscle cramps, & reduced libido.  The mother can even save it for daughter’s menstruation & for teething, stress, & immune boost for baby.



Great for freezing & for those that do not do well will taking pills. Choose between milk or dark.

$30 a batch (makes about 15)

Cord Keepsake

Choose heart, infinity loop. or other design to preserve the bond between you & baby. 

Included in any preparation complimentary.


Some of the placenta powder is infused into a high quality salve base.  Used for: cesarean scars, perineal tears, itching, hemorrhoids, burns, eczema, sunburn, diaper rash, and as a general healing and skin-care salve for mother, baby, and family.



Most beneficial within hours of birth to help with postpartum bleeding.  Choose the most popular peanut butter banana, or berry, tropical, green, or even create your own.

$30 for 3

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